AA Michael By Ron Head 20120811 ~ Keep surfing the waves, but get your dancing shoes out – Michael channeled by Ron Head


Keep surfing the waves, but get your dancing shoes out

Michael channeled by Ron Head

We are gratified that so many are looking forward to and following our messages.  While you may feel that it is having a beneficial effect upon your own hearts and consciousness, I, Michael, assure you that it is reaching far wider than you suppose. You are being prepared to be the calm and reassuring rock that others can depend upon and you are making wonderful progress.

Still less do you perceive, as yet, the energetic changes which are being made to your bodies and even your DNA itself.  Watch for beneficial changes for which you have long hoped.  Do not be reticent to allow your hope to become intention, as it will naturally do, when you understand the power your consciousness has on your physical beings.  As you begin to realize these things, revisit your dreams and instill them with your intention.  Become the creators you came here to be.  Begin to think of yourselves, and act like, the creators that you indeed are.

We tell you now, and not for the first time, that you are only remembering who you have always been.  There are some who would do anything to keep you from knowing this, but their time is over.  It is only necessary now for you to remain focused on your own upliftment a little longer.  It may not appear so when you look about, but hold to your centers and very quickly your world will change around you.

You will find examples of this in your past, if you examine it.  Change, being slow at first, rushes to the inevitable once the brink is reached.  We have offered you, and will again today, pictures of grand waterfalls upon your lands.  This is exactly the image you may hold of what is about to occur.  As we mix up our metaphors intentionally, keep surfing the waves, but get your dancing shoes out.

We know this type of message attracts many comments from those discouraged and disillusioned, who feel that nothing is happening for themselves.  We once again urge them to make the decision to begin to change their own consciousness.  All help will be given if it is asked for.  The changes which are necessary, and which are indeed in progress, begin within individuals.  This is always so.  Change has never been made to you, but by you.  And the kinds of change needed to change your entire world overnight must begin within millions of hearts.

This is happening as we speak.  As evidence begins to leak out of more positive signs, it will at first be laughed at in attempts to discredit it.  Even attempts to offer you obviously fake evidence, in order to discredit real happenings, will be made.  This is the time for your powers of discernment to come to the fore.  Who do you trust?  What does your heart tell you?  And it is alright for you to wait for more evidence before you decide.  Only one thing is of paramount importance.  You must remain steadfast in your determination to bring your vision of the future into being.

Ask your Creator, ask us, and ask your higher selves for whatever you need to accomplish this one thing.  It will be alright for you to allow all the rest to work itself out, as it surely will.  We think you can see from our messages where our feelings lie.  Our love and respect for those who have volunteered to do what you are doing is immense.  Call on us whenever you please.  We wish for nothing more.  I, Michael, and all with me, wish you good day and peace in your hearts.

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