Ascended Masters 20120814 Melchizedek ~~ Allow the innovative to communicate ~~ 14/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.


Beloved Ones,


Welcome to the new times of Glory and Wealth, of Joy and Love, of Harmony and companionship. This is what you all can come to expect now as these issues are coming into manifestation.  These energies and these changes are now welcomed by humanity at large, and they are here thanks to the countless innovative energetic climaxes that reach you now. Originating from this solar system in which you dwell as well as from the other galaxies, countless innovative light codes now come your way to this planet and to humanity in order to lift all to a higher vibration of Divine nature.


All vibrations and Light energies involved can cause heavy shifts and with some of them you already got acquainted. They are very intense and can cause a lot of damage on the inner self as well as on your outer world. Keep in mind that this is a reflection of all the negativity that was firmly anchored on your world and which only now has found its exit to leave, once and for all, the Earth and the collective of the human race. All those shifts and events are expressed as softly as possible according to the global level of humanity’s consciousness. In some cases tough confrontations are necessary, but even than they are reduced to the least destructive way of expression.

Send your Love and Light out to all those afflicted areas, but remain yourself in perfect Harmony. Don’t get disturbed when you witness awful events, disinformation, negative images or news broadcasts. Become aware that there is a collective link involved in all of this and that it has to occur one way or the other, in order to let the new come to pass. To remain balanced and to stay in pure Harmony with yourself will reflect in a greater harmony between the population and the whole of humanity, and as a result of this, automatically to the Earth. This is how to proceed : you start with staying centered and in Harmony with yourself. The rest will automatically follow and will have a positive effect on every soul in your neighbourhood, it will touch them and influence them in a good way. Know this and keep this in mind each time something happens in a positive or negative way.


All that has been sown is now blossoming forth and is manifesting itself effectively. These are the visible effects that you can silently begin to observe. Not in all cases will natural phenomena be implied but on several levels you will begin to observe that in fact, a lot is changing profoundly, a lot is emerging and wishes to be acknowledged. Listen carefully as it whispers softly, close your eyes and behold from your inner self what is in the process of changing. It requires your attention amidst these busy times, but it is put aside because too much focus is given to the things that don’t work, to the things that don’t seem to be visible, to disappointments and to anger. Give it a chance to show itself to you, give yourself the chance to see it and to feel it. Quiet yourself and open your eyes, feel the changes deep in yourself, they will reflect themselves in your outer world.


Let go of the chaotic frustrations others are experiencing, let them go so they can’t affect you. Do you feel frustrated or restless? Do you feel disappointed, do you have a feeling of seeing absolutely nothing of those changes? Well than let me give you a piece of advice : let go! Let it all go and expect nothing, put your world on hold. Quiet your mind and be calm, place yourself in eternity where you are no longer bound by time as time does not exist there. Be seated in your sacred space and surround yourself with Love and Light, close your eyes and go deep into yourself, be at ease and feel how all around you seems to get peaceful. There is no longer noise coming from the street, there are no longer human beings shouting at each other … All is peace and quiet. You are at peace in this sacred space of yours, where nothing or nobody can disturb you. Than listen carefully what shows up at your frontdoor, what it wants to divulge, what it wants you to feel. Allow this to come forth and you will see that changes are really coming to pass, that there is definitely renewal and that Love is in the air. You will surely remark it in your close vicinity. And even if it is not yet the case elsewhere, it all starts from within and that includes also the mindfulness of everything that changes. Be Love my beloved Ones!


I Am Melchizedek and I thank you for bringing this message forth. Namaste.

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