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Today I wanted to talk about the past 3 days around the Lion’s Gate. I wanted to write about my experiences here and share it because maybe they could be important for others around me who have probably just been experiencing the same?! The Lion’s Gate was promised as intense, and certainly this is intense! Oh my god, as they say! I am really going through it on a conscious way, that I do not know where to start .. ok, here I go and I hope to hear many other experiences or read it on the net, eventually we all go through it, consciously or unconsciously.

The evening before the opening of the Lion’s Gate, the first activations started for me, so it seems. At bedtime, all the Archangels  were with me, I would undergo a process tonight I was told. No sooner said than done! Less than 5 minutes laying in my bed and I felt the first signs of that process; my heart began to beat faster while resting. I started to feel dizzy and start spinning, like I was on a huge spinning fairground attraction and found myself on the fact that I firmly grabbed my mattress to feel if I was actually still in my body and if i was still lying in my bed. Yes I was.. “ok what is this?” I asked my team (including a number of galactic friends).“Your body undergoes changes on a large scale, all the chakras are activated dear Méline, and that explains your sense of rotation. Do not be afraid and let this happen, it’s all good.”

I have several times felt this in phases over the entire time while I was awake and started to adjust to it. However, I was going into overdrive to all these experiences and was very excited by this. My team talked me through everything and explained everything carefully what was happening .. (I’m naturallyshocked quite soon when it is about something “new” and “unknown” things, they know me through and through).

At one point I felt a strong electric pulse going through my right brain, I almost literally flew straight up in my bed due to it 🙂 (now you see my character, very open to everything but quickly scared :-)) “What the heck was this?” I asked immediately surprising. “This was another activation, but your right brain” And so it went from one to another, and inbetween the kundalini energy started to ran like crazy all over my spine. 

Suddenly I found myself in a “tunnel” a kind of “wormhole” or “dimensional gate” I was whispered to.. I saw this spiral patterns always moving and changing from direction and intermingle all towards 1 goal and there is where I also seem to go to. I allowed myself to calmly slide with it until I saw a huge white light, which then immediately disappeared and with a shock I came back into my physical body and opened my eyes. Soon I got the following to hear from my team of Archangels and Arcturians: “Méline, you were just going through the ascentiongate again  to a higher state of consciousness and this in a conscious way, you can now come to expect that you have more capabilities of yourself that will exploit .. You will see us even better now than you already have, more sophisticated and detailed, you will now be able to clearly see and hear, feel us. You will also be more able to manifest and this faster than before. This whole process was an activation and re-ascension process . Congratulations and welcome to this world! You will feel these activations further evolve, we will do this a certain time during the lion’s gate, these energies lend themselves for this, enjoy and be thankful. ” “Thank you, thank you, I’m very grateful, I love you all and sending you my deep appreciation and love!” So far my experiences at the opening of the Lion’s Gate and night on the eve of the opening.

09-09 was something entirely different at that level, but also a positive outcome. Only in a less pleasant experience! Yesterday I recieved a channeling  from Lady Portia, (which will be later in the day posted.) And there it was made me very clear that this gate is a very intense energy and a lot of Light would come in to Earth and us, but also very much negativity would leave the Earth fields . Well I could take this quite literally it seems. I just had a hellish night, where I did not sleep at all. This morning I phoned a fellow Lightworker and friend to ask if I was alone in this, but she told me that she too did not sleep at all, as well as her friend and sister. What a terrible night it was! I woke up in the middle of the night with lots of sounds around me all over the place in my room and house. I heard my children cry and also being very unrestful in their sleep, I got a bit of fear and sounds comming towards at me. I even experienced something very strange as a feeling,like I was fighting against something that went through my soul and body. I’m not going to go into detail because for me it was bad, but what is clear is that it was a personal process, which I had to go through to get rid of for good. My team was again the entire night with me as was my twin flame, they tryn to make me quietly and said over and over again to be calm and to sleep. This did not work, so I was laying awake the entire night and heard my children  having the same experience. And every time that I seemed to fall asleep, I had horrible dreams, so negative in nature.

Now what exactly happened last night? Archangel Michael has explained me everything carefully, that now during the opening of the Lion’s Gate, all the negativity and fears, lower vibration, is now leaving the Earth and this through the collective. What I am saying is that these energies have gone literally through our fields and that we have experienced this. For me personally it was reliving everything back as a reminder of what brought me to feeling fear. I have not been through it or dreamed of it, but felt it going through my fields to leave it for good as well as those fields of Mother Earth. And so would all our lightfamilies and teams, been assisting us in this process, for every soul on earth has felt these lower energies and negative energies going through ourselves right to the exit to go out, which in this case is the lion gate. My partner is not awakened, and has experienced nothing. My children and I on the other hand, my friends who are awakened, fellow lightworkers .. I can only say that this is something we definitely should be thankful for, this process was necessary for them to get out of our systems and fields as well as out of Mother Earth’s. So this is my experience of these past 2 days and tonight, you are not alone in this!

With much love, Méline.

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