Ascended Masters 20120730 ~ ARCHANGEL HANIEL. “You Are Tough As Diamonds.” By, AuroRa Le.



“You Are Tough As Diamonds”

By, AuroRa Le.

July 29, 2012.

♢ This is the time you have been waiting for.  Do you feel the shift in vibration;  the excitement, the anticipation?  Despite failed attempt after failed attempt, the darkness is, by it’s very nature, unable to overtake the light.  A spiral of hope has risen up from the ashes, and like the  unstoppable tornado of love that it is, it makes it’s way across the land.  It is powerful and moves quite swiftly, leaving no person, animal, social more or institution unaffected.  It lays waste to everything  unhealthy, and levels all that is not harmonious with The Light.  To our watching eyes it vivid and golden, and it emanates from the deepest inner core of those with a knowing heart.  We mean you, Dear Souls.  You are of a wise and knowing heart.  You are comprised of pure love.  You are the ones who are unable to be mislead by false promises and trivialities. Your faith is unshakable.  And yes, it is perfectly natural for that faith to waver slightly from time to time.  Do not distress yourselves when that happens.  We expect this of you while you are still so heavily enmeshed in the lower vibrations of your current human condition.   But it is through your faith that you shall prevail and be triumphant, and it is by your hand that God’s Will shall be made physically manifest upon the planet.  Your power.  Your faith.  Your perseverance in the face of adversity, and your belief that there is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.  What shining stars you are!   We liken the whole of you to a treasure trove of pretty jewels, for that is how you appear to be, in our eyes.  You are tough as diamonds, smooth as pearls, expertly cut gems of all shapes and colors, golden coins that never tarnish.  We humbly honor you for being who you are.

♢ It matters not at all that there are so many of you, to this day, who are as yet unawakened.  Try not to allow this to sway your resolve, or to make you think that all your work has been for naught.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, I assure you.  These are the precious last days of duality.  You are living them now, and it is best you take it all in as though a type of living history.  I call it “precious” because later on you will be called upon to recount for others this time in which you now find yourselves.  Fancy yourselves to be explorers and historians, as that will lend a spot of fun to this time of waiting. We have told AuroRa/Bella that she will be summoned, upon completion of her assignment, to present herself before the High Council.  She must speak of her experience, and share her personal impressions of what she saw and felt, and will be permitted to retain and teach to others the arts and traditions she found most pleasing. 

♢ Not everything in your culture is to be filtered out once you enter into a 5th-dimesional state.  There is much which is beautiful and enriching about the way you live.  A very important-and in my opinion, often overlooked-part of the creation of your New Earth reality is in the choosing of which pleasurable aspects you will pack up and bring with you from this one.  We frequently catch you thinking that this is just a dull waiting time, yet you are mistaken.  You thought this period of waiting to be wrought with boredom, but boredom is dangerous, please remember.  So now I assign you tasks that may serve to alleviate that boredom, and which will keep you busier than ever.  More things  to wonder about.  You see, every moment you are here breathing the air is another moment where you may learn, and prepare for what is to come.  Engage your time wisely, for even the ordinary concept of  linear counting has the potential to be gone in just the blink of an eye.  It is interesting to ponder this, don’t you think?  However will you explain “time” to those who have never experienced it?

♢ Light is light, and darkness is simply the absence thereof.   That is all.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Truth be told, darkness does not really exist at all.  You’ve been told over and over again that darkness is but the absence of the light.  It waits patiently for you to come and shine yourselves brilliantly upon it, thus illuminating it as something fine and lovely.  The darkness then becomes the light! To be afraid of the dark is to be afraid of nothing at all.  To despise the dark is to despise the light in it’s infantile state.  We of the Upper Realms are as enthused and ready to commence with the next phase as you are.  Pay no attention to the numbers and dates.  Events will transpire when more of you are ready.  How much plainer can it be?  Our own role is to assist you in every way you require, and to be immediately available wherever and whenever you should call.  An enjoyable sight you may wish to envision is to portray us as sitting by a telephone, longing to hear your voice, and praying that you will ring us up and include us in the challenges which lay ahead. We truly, truly desire to serve right alongside you. We are your most devoted family.  Do not forget that we are here to assist.

♢ You may expedite your movement out of duality by staying firmly rooted in the Heart, and by operating only from a place of sincerity and love.  Love is what is fueling the Ascension fires.  It requires constant care to keep it burning.  With each soul who awakens, the inferno spreads and it’s flames fan out in all directions.  Every outpouring of love, compassion and forgiveness is feeding that fire to make burn higher and brighter.  When you indulge in thoughts of bloodlust and seek vengeance and retribution, it is as though you douse the Ascension Flames with icy water, rendering them a useless pile of smoldering embers.  We tell you ceaselessly to forgive the ones you once thought  unforgivable,  and to trust The Lord and Lady Creator with their fate.  Do this, and you will see that the Ascension swiftly comes.  Do you think you know better and cavalierly reject this advice, as is your right under the Law of Free Will?  Oh, it is certainly your option to do this, yes it is.  But be aware that this would be a grave mistake, and that there is no more expedient way to effect delay than this!  There have been many, many such delays up ’til this point, and all of them are the result of the wavering light quotient upon your planet.  Try your best to stay consistent.  Endeavor to maintain a climate of steady upward growth, and please do whatever you can to not let the energy of the collective dip.

♢ Love, love, love and more love.  That is who and what you are made of.  Be it and show yourself as that love to all the world.   Feel free to openly flaunt your splendor, your goodness and your glory.  Be only of the Heart and not of the ego  mind.  Go on to treat all beings in the kind manner in which you wish yourselves to be treated.  Display compassion and forgiveness, no matter how dire the situation might appear.  Embrace each experience of this lifetime as an invaluable opportunity for learning.  Do these things, and know that at the end of the road a Paradise awaits you.   We most enthusiastically await your arrival.

I am Haniel.

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