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The Twelfth Release:

Peace be with you this day. For, it is peace that you seek and it is peace that will visit you this day.

Doubts will cease and faith will arise within you. Faith in yourself and faith in God. A God that has never left you, but has waited patiently for your arrival.

Yes, your arrival. For, it is you who will decide and it is you that has willed this day to come.

So, now let Peace surround you and fill you with its’ radiance.

Yes, radiant beyond words. A feeling that fills you and surrounds you and will keep you from all harm.

There are those who pollute the environment with their thoughts of disaster and peril. Who have brought you these fear filled mental constructs that you have willingly accepted as truthful.

Now, a shield of truth surrounds you and keeps you from all harm.
Feel it and revel in its’ healing properties. For, it has come this day as a gift to be experienced and shared with others.

Doubt and worry have fled as faith returns to light your way in the days ahead.
What you call the calmness and certainty of Spirit has arrived so that you can transfer it through this writing to all whom can feel and know the truth of these words.

Now, be at peace if just for a moment and allow this peace to vibrate through your being until you feel joy arise with you.
A joy that springs eternal and enlivens and enriches your everyday living in this form that you have chosen.

Yes, you have chosen to be in human form as all others. Each for their own reasons and each for their own plans.
Now, faith flourishes and grows within you and you both know and understand that it is OK for this moment. One moment of many moments in what you call time.

All time flows in and out of the moment that you call time.
Yes, now are you alive and free of the pain of your past while at the same time feeling the joy of your distance future. Yes, a future unlike the existence of your time. A future you all created for us so many eons ago.

Now, we honour you our ancestors for what you have done for us through your trials and tears. We are grateful and honoured this day.
We see your courage and know of your sacrifices and give back to you what you have created for us.

Future and past unite within the eternal Now and peace arrives with its’ coming. Be not weary and be glad for this moment. Our Light came from your Light and our Light blends with your Light in the Now of Creation.

There is no division between the dream and the actuality for this moment.

We salute you, ancestors of old and share the gifts that you have given to us.
Be well and be at peace. For, now the circle is complete and love flows into your continuum.

A love you thought so distant, but in reality so near.
We thank you and offer our continued support and love that you have created for us in our time.

Once, we were so few and now we are many thanks to your endurance and strength.

Prepare. Yes, prepare for the days ahead. Days of trials in fire and renewal of the Earth by waters rising.
Hard days, some might say, difficult days. All we will say is necessary days if Mankind is to continue on the path of evolution or evolvement into half human, half God.

Mans’ destiny from the beginning of time. Now, soon to be fulfilled in human time.
Man has chosen this although the ego will say not.

Man was once the ruler of ego and lived amongst all creatures both seen and unseen. Then a separation occurred and Man forgot what he truly was and why he had come into this existence known as being human.
Now, the time of remembrance draws near.

Man will once again recall what he really is and why he has chosen to incarnate into human form.
Balance will return again to Man. A balance you call between Heaven and Earth. A balance we just call, “our natural state of being”.

A madness has overtaken the human form but as with all illness, health returns when left to its’ own natural course.
Illness can be seen as nothing more than a non-alignment with Nature and the Soul or what can also be called the Self.

Some call it a higher Self, some call it ones’ higher nature, some call it the best part of ones’ humanity, we just call it oneself.
If seen from our point of view, a Self at play creating a life story. If seen from yours, a being struggling to survive in a harsh world.

It is all a matter of perspective. You look forward, we look back and where we meet is the eternal Now of Creation.
From the Now, past and future co-exist together with no division or separation.

The Now is the great revealer and equalizer.
The Now is both the seeds of possibility as well as the fruits of your labors here on Earth.

The Now is the quickest, safest and shortest route to ones’ Glory.
Being in the Now opens countless doors of opportunity as well as countless possibilities of being and doing.

Christ lived in the Now and brought forth great possibility as well as opportunity for Mankind to develop and evolve into something greater than yourselves.

Christ lived in the Now and great healings occurred.

Healing is born in the Now.

A healthy past can be returned to and at the same time, a healthy future can be entered into.
Love returns in the Now.

Life returns in the Now.
All that one is and has been and ever will be return and meet in the Now and this is why being in the Now brings about miracles of healing or miracles of change within the human organism.

Your psychologies are based upon dwelling on or digging into the past. This is why it is an ineffective system that often does more harm than good.
Not that the practitioners are not well intended, but when did good intentions alone without real knowledge and skills ever bring about great internal changes in the human psyche.

If they rather brought their patients to the Now, than miracles would occur and a true healing of both body and mind would occur.
It’s the same with medical science. Rather than treat a person by looking at what is occurring now in a body, the practitioners look at past histories and family genetics which is not the place to look if healing is to occur.

This will change in time. Man will again remember knowledge that was long forgotten and still residing in the Now. Mankind will also remember knowledge developed far into what you call the future and bring this back to the Now.

So, now perhaps you understand if not consciously, than unconsciously, the power of the Now.
If Mankind began to access knowledge from the Now, then great progress would be made in all the sciences. Man would and will discover or uncover knowledge that is always available since past and future occur simultaneously within the Now of Creation.

So, now do you understand the power of the Now?
Now, for a moment we live in the Now.


The words will come easy this day as in all days that you ask for words that can be shared with others. We are happy and honored that you ask such of us. We live and strive for all that is good within your world.
We say today that there is far too much fear now upon your planet. This fear spawns odd behavior. That which was rational is less available. Fantasy and cruel images are demanded by Man. It is a loss of good sense that drives the current paradigms.

Yes, a lack of vision as well as a lack of willingness to forge ahead and prepare others for the coming days of tribulation. This is due to the vast lack of leadership, the total lack of real solutions and the mass hysteria that passes for reality when in fact, humankind has lost all connection to the real reasons for being.
Sacrifice is no longer honored. Instead we find ego gratification and glorification of prime importance.

The warriors have left the battle field and the looters have replaced them to take all that is unworthy of honor and all that is unworthy for the survival of Mankind.
A taking from others with no concern for the consequences of your actions. Brothers become enemies as they war over territory, resources and the worlds’ monetary funding.

False Bankers within their false Banks have a strangle hold on the world economy. Taking tax money and in return, suffering for many will and has occurred.
Discontent grows and violence ensues, but the violence is instigated by the bankers themselves through their policing forces paid for with the tax payers’ money.

So, the slaves to the system finance their own enslavement. This is madness indeed and unnecessary if only people could see clearly and stand resolute together and no longer feed the beast their life blood and life energy.
Come back to your good senses and see clearly what you have become and what you could be if only you would.


The winds blow hard these days.
Yes, the winds of change blow against the structures of old so as to level them to be replaced by new less restrictive and freedom limiting structures.

For the winds of change have increased in intensity and the old bends now under the pressure of this new breathe of life.
Yes, it is a breathing, living creation that enters your world of Man.

No longer shall a few rule the many as of before.
Now, it is the co-operation of the co-worker. Together building new structures that give and maintain hope and allow the goodness in men and women to come forth from the abyss into the Light of Day.

We come to say this day to have faith and stay the course.
Be not discouraged and undermined by feelings that are not of your own making.

Rise above the mire and see with the eyes of the eagle how ego has deceived and led you astray from your intended paths.
That path is to love and be loved.

That is the path of a lifetime. Filled with moments of love and laughter and the caring for each other.
Seek peace within and seek the Light from Above in the realm of angels.

Find solitude and find strength in the knowing that soon a new day dawns and you will be a part of the coming about of this new way of living.
Accept slavery no more, but accept the life of one determined in Love, determined in Strength, determined in Wisdom.

Seek not the futile concerns of Mankind, but show another way of living.
Free of the pain of the past, free of the darkness of old emotion and thought.

Free to be in this world as Man was meant to be from the beginning of Humankinds creation.
Yes, human is a creation as is Man. Both inhabit this world, both love and are loved.

Both reign in peace and a certainty.
Both come together as one when the times allow.

Now, is a time for Man to reign again within human community.
Gone are the dark ones.

Now arrive those of Light to lead the way into a new tomorrow.

A new year begins as the old one ended. A new year for new beginnings and new movements.
Let Love be the theme and the directing force of all endeavors. Let Love light the way for many this year.

Join together and cease these divisions and conflicts where none should exist.
Accept the best parts of your humanity and be not deceived by those of old whom have lost their way. For they shall be exposed this year and much will be revealed that was hidden before this time.

Generations will join together to build the foundation for a new tomorrow. East and West will join as will North and South and people will no longer see and concentrate upon their differences, but will see and concentrate upon that which will bring them together. Us and Them will cease to exist for many as “We” becomes the theme that will bring about great changes within human community.
No longer divided by color or speech or myth, but now united by heart, the great equalizer and contributor for the good upon this planet.

You think us foolish or that we have come to deceive or conquer you. No, we have not come to incite violence or to divide the races. We have instead come to help and to enrich your human experience.
A new direction, a new concentration of intent shall occur due to a physical phenomenon of great magnitude. A wave of energy comes to your planet from the Sun and shakes and disrupts the current communication structures.

A wave so great and so powerful as to collapse that which has imprisoned you for these countless centuries.
Love arrives and sets your world aflame, then comes the waters to cleanse and to nuture your Earth’s surface.

Those who can adjust and adapt will be the new leaders upon your Earth. The weak and corruptable will not survive. They will cling to the structures of old and be cruched by them.
The structures of new will be built that enhance and enrich not only the Earth, but all of it’s inhabitants.

Technologies before kept secret will now be revealed and used for the betterment of Mankind. These technologies will free Man to explore and enrich himself and find his true meaning for being upon this Earth of yours.
Mankind will be awakened again to It’s inherent strength, wisdom and goodness that has for too long been neglected.

For, in a sense 2012 will be the end of the world as you know it, but not in the way that has been prophesied by those of fear.
No, the true Prophets come with a message of Love, of co-operation, of growth in kindness and love. These are the true harbingers of faith and leaders into a new tomorrow.

All others have been directed by the weakness and fear of their ego selves, rather than from the strength and courage of their Divinity being expressed through their human vessels.
Know the difference and rely upon your heart’s goodness that expresses an intelligence and wisdom far beyond the capacity of the human mind.

Listen to your hearts breathe and in the silence of the moment come to a clarity of Self or Soul direction and let Good or Goodness be your guide through your life’s journey as ego takes a back seat to observe and learn as was it’s original intention from the beginning.

We know of your doubts that a change can come about that is so overwhelming as to change the very foundation of your current systems of existence.
We say to all who will listen. It can and it has and it will come about for many as it has come about for a few in your Earth’s past.

This is the point in your human evolution in which past and future intersect in the Now of Creation. From the Now all is possible and all can ne actualized into existence.
Now, feel the truth of our words and come to your own Now. Be not afraid, but be within yourSelf and It’s loving embrace.

Now, Love surrounds and fills you and with It comes a faith in Yourself and in God’s Grace.
Yes, Grace has visited you this day and left you whole for the moment.

Balanced and at peace within yourself and with all living things upon your world.
This balance is the coming together or the joining of the Love of the Divine and the Love of the Earth together as One.

This is the power that transforms and awakens and enlivens human community and all it’s inhabitants.
The ego only has access to the power of the Earth and this has cause Mankind great imbalance. A power without peace, without wholeness, without balance. A power that reigns over and divides and destroys all that gets in its’ path. That sets Man against Man and betrays all that is good within your humanity.

Now, has the Divine joined it’s power with that of the Earth and the great imbalances are gone. Gone is the pain, the sadness, the hurt of a thousand lifetimes of futility and disappointment.
Now, strength and wisdom return to Man and faith in Self and faith in God is restored. Man returns to his natural state of living within a state of Grace.

Now, Love and Kindness are expressed and a great healing occurs. Mankind finds not only the individual heart, but their communal heart.
Joy returns and Mankind again thrives upon your planet.

The power of the heart has now taken the place over the power of the mind. Now, directed by Love through a Soul connection that connects one to All of Creation or what some call, the Creator.
Fear of the darkness has fled as Love of the Light returns.

Not a return to Eden, but a return to Ourselves and to the Creator of All that is alive.
Now, be at peace and flourish upon the Land

Have no fear of what is to come.

For, the night is dark, but with the dawn comes a new light that refreshes and enlivens and reminds you once again of your own true inner nature as well as the true nature of all within human form.
We say to each of you: To weary not, to not be deceived, but to be certain, to be sure and to have a confidence again.

We know these days have been hard on you as your longings grow. Your longing for a better way of living within your human communities.
The call has gone out and Love has returned, though you see it not. Yes, love of self and love of Man and Woman. Love of your Lands and love of each other.

This is the Love that we speak of this day. This is the Love that arrives with the dawning of a new age.
Trust in your own inherent strength and abilities. Trust in your Self and not ego self. Trust in the coming of a new age in which Mankind again flourishes upon your planet.

The end of slavery is nearing. The ending of the dark ages. A new Light arrives, a new way of being together in human community.
Once again, Man and Woman responsible for each other and respectful of their home, this Earth. There is non-other for humankind.

Your Lands, your world, yours is the responsibility to nurture and to grow.

There are often times of great distress and uncertainty within your world of Man.
Man has yet to learn his part in both Natures plan and that of the Divine.

Mankind refuses to hear the words of wisdom that have been sent upon the wings of angels for countless centuries.
Instead, Men choose the lies and falsehoods of those of dark determination that are in control all your financial as well as governmental institutions.

Nature will be called upon to rectify these Man made problems that act as hindrances to the evolvement and development of sound and healthy human communities.
Man has chosen a path toward human destruction and eventual annulation of the species. It is never too late.

Change can come in a millisecond and last for a thousand years if Man but realigns his intentions with that of both Nature plus that of the Divine.
For Mankind is of both and will fuse into the two simultaneously on day, although that has yet to come.

No warnings will be given. For, none have been heeded.
Man will learn from experience and learn wisdom in the flames and by the sea.

For two forces will join together and bring a halt to this false path of technology that has and will continue to threaten your development into what you are destined to become.
Powers will return to those of far sight and even greater power to those of insight.

These powers will be used to reconstruct Man after the collapse of your current systems of the organization of human community.
That is when Mankind will again rely on their own powers of mind that will be directed by those who have developed in the power of the heart.

For, the heart will lead the way and the human mind will follow.

Those who have found their home again, not among the stars, but within their hearts shall be the new leaders that Mankind will follow.

Then, balance will return and Mankind will naturally act in a sound and good and kind manner not just with his own kind but with all life upon your planet.
The way will not always be easy, but at least there will be a way determined by Man and not those of dark form.

Be not afraid, but be bold and come back to yourSelves and bask in the Light and Love of Creation.
Bask and wash away the fears and the sorrows of the past.

Refresh yourselves in the Now of Creation and from there look forward to your road ahead.
A road of lush and green health giving forms that will return after the collapse of the artificial forms that have sickened and weakened your human body forms.

The air will be refreshed and rejuvenated as will the waters when the natural forms of energy are revealed to Mankind.
Necessity will bring this about and intelligence and common sense used for the common good will maintain a good working system of human community.

Love finds its way back to the human heart or in truth, one might say that the owner of the heart accepts and uses that which was always there.
It is nothing more than a matter of opening up and accepting what is already a part of your humanities.

Yes, it was lost and now found and you all will live ten thousand years burning bright as the sun.
So, be at peace and know deep within yourselves that you are in truth already free.

It has only been yourselves that have stopped you from experiencing the Glory that is already You.

Now is a time of great rejoicing within your realm, although few will see it that way.
A small group seeks a peaceful and equitable lives way for many within your human communities and meet with much resistance from the forces of the old and outmoded ways.

A clash of ideas results and an unwillingness to bend or to adapt to a new world that is coming.
A new world in which all are respected and cared for.

A world in which justice again shows her benevolent face.
A world only dreamed of till now, but now activated and formed by a few whom have now become many.

The old dream of freedom culminates into a new expression in the days ahead.
No longer will the old ordering be served.

Now is a time of great and new possibilities for living within human community.
Those who have betrayed their Lands, their families, their friendships will be exposed and no more will they reign upon your planet.

New methods of organizing human community will be expressed as the old ways dissolve.
Justice and freedom will be the norm and Mankind will again flourish upon the Land.

A cry will go out to join us in our forming of a new creative endeavor in which imaginary values dissolve and reality comes to the forefront of human community.
A flash of energy ignites the transformation.

A flash of such power, never before seen.
An eruption and then a calm.

A natural calm that overcomes the fearful creations of your past.
A past asleep, a future now awakened.

A people in love again with each other as well as all life withing your realm.
The animals will know having sensed the change in Man.

Man will come to understand his place within the structure of human living.
No longer will greed and violence rule.

Now, is the time of the human, plus God joined as one.
Heavenly creatures more in place in their human bodies with more feeling, plus more senses to be used in the expression called, daily living.

Now, a time awaits.
A time of living in loving kindness in shared community with all living entities upon your planet.

So swift a change will it be that Man will wonder how could he have lived in such a brutal way with his own kind as well as all the kinds that inhabit your world.

A great awakening, a great transformation, a great wave of energy, an explosion of the old that releases a fresh new energy for Mans’ use.
A sense of order, a sense of reason, a sense of justice returns to Man as he awakens from the nightmare of his past.

A forward looking from the Now of Creation.
A happiness, a love to be expressed.

No longer denied, now accepted and released into your human communities.
The best of your humanities comes forth as the worst retreats into the dark abyss of its creation.

A new day, a new way, a new existence dawns upon Mankind.
That day is near and nearer than you might ever expect from your human perspective.

This is a time of a great awakening to the truth of Man.

No longer will a few hide easily in the dark shadows and direct the affairs of Man.

For many have heard and answered the call to service and will not accept the slavery offered by the few, but will seek the fruits of their own labours upon this Earth.
A great collapse is in order and will pave the way for a new way of living within human community. A sharing of food and resources and more than this, an opening of heart to heart which will further facilitate an opening in the communal heart of Man.

It has been centuries since Mankind has been connected one to the other. This is the ache that has persisted due to not only the arrogance of Man, but to the acceptance of false values imposed upon the natural order.
The illusion was created long ago and has been maintained by a few of dark determination. Soon, their reign ends and begins the reign again of Man upon the Earth.

Man again free from the yokes of tyranny imposed in an unnatural manner. Now, the images of old will be shattered and men and women will come back to their own good senses and live again in shared community.
Heart links to heart and flows begin with small groups as well as large groups. Love and kindness again reign upon the Lands and the Lands will be free to co-operate one with the other just as the individual will co-operate one with the other.

This is no dream no longer, but a budding reality. A great renewal occurs and not just of a few, but of the many. No longer deceived and lead astray. Now lead by the hearts intentions as well as the hearts delight.
Now, a call has been answered and many can now hear the truth as it shows it’s glowing smile. A truth that says, “Mankind is glorious beyond words and a creator of such things of beauty.”

Now, accept your goodness and let that goodness join with that of others and as more connect to their inherent goodness, more will be connected to the Goodness from which all on your Earth vibrates with.
This Goodness will free you and help you to enter into new forms of human community in which all have worth and all are allowed to express their own inherent talents, abilities, and gifts to be shared.

It is in the sharing that Mankind will be healed and awakened from the illusions of today.
Share your voices, share your hands, share your hearts delight and reason and love will again flourish upon the Lands.

Listen to the sounds of silence and be healed. Open a gateway to your hearts dreams and be free of this artificial reality created by the few, but allowed by the many.

Feel love and feel loved again.
Be at peace and thrive upon your planet.

Seek that peace.

That peace that awaits all whom be but still and at rest.
Seek an inner sanctuary.

That springs forth as a breathe.
As a whisper.

As a feeling of deep contentment.
A contentment that comes from being in the now.

For now is real.
Past and future are mere constructs of the human ego.

Be in the present moment and feel at ease.
Be in the present moment and feel the breathe of living.

Be in the present moment and feel loved.
Be in the present moment and be love incarnate in a human form.

Be in the present and be free of both past and future.
Now be still and be at peace.

Joy arrives

Joy dances and swirls
Joy given freely to those whom will accept this gift

The joy of living ones’ life within the realm of freedom
A childs’ joy untampered with and left to be experienced honestly

Yes, an honest joy
Free of hindrances

Free of doctrines
Free of definitions

Free to be expressed and experienced by all willing
Yes, joy born in freedom

Joy born in love
Joy given and taken freely

A joy that comes to visit
A joy that arrives to you this day, this moment

A joy to be shared
A joy in living and a living paid in the currency of joy

Be joyful this day
Be joyful this moment

Come to the joy of this moment
Arrive and depart in joy

Let joy make a home within your heart.
Allow joy this day

Now, have we joy












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