Messages of Light 20120712 Messages of Love, Circle of Light. July 12, 2012


As you breathe perfection, glorious health and life and abundance and joy…as each of these things washes through you and lifts you into a realm of consciousness and penetrates your heart.. then you will release all separation between your life in the Real and your life on the Earth. Wrapping every other glorious heart, you become Love’s full expression in each Now Moment.

Everywhere you are is revealed the Christ standing before you, as each person’s heart. In your presence the mis-perception of limitation, of a limited identity as a human being, is washed away in the flow of Love — for you, as Love moves through you, of course, but also for all the others who are in your presence, if they are willing to accept what they feel with their heart and allow their hearts to be their instrument of perception.





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