Ascended Masters 20120728 ~ Saint Germain ~The Essence of Life РChanneled by M̩line Lafont


Saint Germain ~The Essence of Life

Channeler:  Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,

I Am Saint Germain and I want to talk to you about all the feats you have already accomplished in your lives. What used to be so hard has now become a ‘piece of cake’ compared to earlier times in which you found yourselves. You all have travelled the long, lonesome and winding road. On your way you were confronted with lots of obstacles only to defeat them again and again. You went ahead courageously and powerfully, never looking back.

This trying journey has taken its toll on you ; it has changed your worlds in the manner that your lifepath has left a trail in the world in which you live. In the meantime, this trail has been transmuted into the Light resulting in the cleansing of your world. The thought of quitting, of just giving up has never crossed your mind, nor have you ever eluded the obstacles on your path. You kept on going, deeply believing in yourselves and in a better world. You faced the challenges head on, with much self-respect and now we can say that you succeeded brilliantly.

Tomorrow always delivers what is concocted today. So be very careful what you create today as it will be just that what tomorrow will deliver. In short, all will flow together to create the “Now”. That may seem overwhelming to grasp, but after all you have been through, this too will be a ‘piece of cake’. You have become accustomed to all these energies and adjustments. You have mastered them and you gained expertise in handling them. You are becoming Masters ; before long you may call yourselves Masters and you may join us in the Higher DImensions.

The challenges you were faced with in this Dimension were the most difficult of them all. However, once these challenges are victoriously overcome, they will never return on your evolutionary path. The challenges you have faced were long lasting and they have completely gotten out of hand. That’s the reason why “intervention” has been granted to ensure the safety of GAIA, your Beloved Mother Earth, and of humanity. Enough is enough and the limit for that has been crossed some time ago. Being an Ascended Master full of Love I can guarantee that our attention is focused on this matter. All is involved ; not a single particle of energy remains inactive in this regards. All has been called to active duty to finish the situations that have completely gotten out of hand. Despite all the distractions from the Dark Lords you arrived at this point in your evolution, namely your Ascension! Your experiences in duality are almost over. Be at ease and enjoy, for we too are most pleased and we welcome you with open arms and loving intentions. We stand by your side, we will never let you down. Make the most of the loving energies that are coming your way and get lots of rest for the Summer Solstice has been the starting point for many physical changes.

I Am Saint Germain.

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