Ascended Masters 20120627 Machine that Manipulates Thought and Vocal Patterns


Written by Wes Annac

Today, June 22, The Ascended Masters informed us that the dark may try to somehow manipulate those who could be involved in the passing of Agenda 21 which is set to be voted on shortly and which would herald the coming of the feared ‘One World Government’ if passed:

“ By [the elites]  paying their final hands in attempting to bring the New World Order forth they are in actuality, surrendering..”

“A part of them knows this, but they refuse to acknowledge it at their surface and they now think that they will be able to influence those involved in the decision-making of that which they wish to bring forth in the Netherlands, and suffice to say we are now ready to move in and secure the manifestation of many things that we and you alike have wished to see on your world.” (1)

Perhaps a bit of elaboration on this subject from our dear Ascended brethren would have been appreciated, but doing a small amount of digging on the subject it seems that the technology the manipulate the brainwave patterns of another person actually does exist.

Remember, we have been told by many channeled sources that the elites have advanced technology at their disposal that is more or less, based in darkness and manipulation and it makes sense that if they had such technology, they would attempt (most likely unsuccessfully) to use it.

Think about it, dear friends. They likely know that what they are doing is completely brass and in front of everybody, and has a small chance of actually being accepted so as with many things, it would make sense that they would choose to play dirty.

Submitted for your discernment, this video regarding a machine that literally manipulates the speech and thought patterns of it’s ‘victims’ (2):

Featured as well in the video above are many clips wherein news hosts, reporters or anchors seem to themselves experience much trouble speaking as it seems their very speech patterns are somehow manipulated or jumbled.

I’ll admit that it’s spooky stuff. But as has always been said, there is never a need to fear at all, as the dark will not succeed in their plans to bring forth a One World Government. You can label that a ‘prediction’ if you must, because it’s the truth. Whatever possible attempts from the cabals to manipulate the brainwave patterns via an electric current or any other means, will be met with disappointment and frustration, for the Light forces have truly taken back control of this world.

“You are seeing in play now, the beginning of the final manifestations of the dark on your world. Though they have always assumed they could bring forth the most devious of plans on your world no matter what, it is still a bit assuring to see them laying their final cards on the table now. We say assuring, dear souls, because by these souls paying their final hands [in attempting to bring the New World Order forth] they are in actuality, surrendering.”

“… Despite that which they still attempt to bring forth, the Light has vastly become the ‘dominant’ energy on your world and events are now reaching a point to where they are beginning to act in accordance with the energies being reflected throughout nearly every other realm within Gaia’s structure and complex.

These energies are those of change, of Peaceful and Loving change, yet of change that is going to uproot much of humanity when such change does begin to reach your physical realities in very pure ways.” (1)

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC


(1) The Ascended Masters – Now is a Time to Celebrate:

(2) Thanks to ‘GrassyKnollTrolls’ on Youtube










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