Ascended Masters 20120627Jeshua: Your arrival on the New Earth – Channeler: Pamela Kribbe


Wednesday, 27 June, 2012  

I am here, I am Jeshua. I am your brother. I am so close to you now. And by ‘now’, I don’t just mean this very moment, but in this era, in this age of time. You have all changed so much. I know many of you from ages back. We have been together before. In the time I lived on Earth, I met many of you. And during the centuries right after I lived, many of you felt drawn to incarnate on Earth. You felt an opening in the collective consciousness of men. You wanted to contribute to that opening, to the awakening of consciousness. A new consciousness was seeded at that time. As you know, it has met with a lot of resistance. You have all experienced this resistance in your own life, in this life and in past lifetimes as well. You have felt what it feels like to be different from other people and you have felt lonely because of that. You are the forerunners, the pioneers of a new awareness. In this time, in this age there is an opening in human consciousness across the world. I am here to celebrate this with you. A new era is truly being born right now. Perhaps you don’t always feel it like that, because you feel troubled at times. But I can see the awakening in your souls very clearly.  I am here to salute you and honor you from the deepest of my heart.

My dear sister Mary Magdalene is here with me now, as well as other like-minded souls.  
[Some people start to cry..]
It is nice to see your tears. It is a sign of your connectedness to us. We are here to celebrate with you. What we would like to do most at this time is to wash your feet, to kneel down at your feet and wash them. It is a gesture of our respect and honor for you. We do not want you to look up to us as masters; we are your friends, your brother and sister. So, we invite you to be happy with us because the new era has truly begun. We know that you still feel troubled by burdens of the past and of the future. But we invite you to take another look at those burdens. It is because you have gone through the depth of fear, sorrow and sadness, it is because you have lived through it that there is now a space in your heart for compassion. True compassion for yourself and others. This is what Christ consciousness is all about. To truly understand what another person is going through without judgment; simply being with that other person from soul to soul. That is what the Christ seed and the Christ consciousness is about. You are there now. You don’t have to work so hard on yourself or think that you have to improve yourself. We wish you could see it from our point of view: that you are perfect as you are.

But we realize that in your daily life you still struggle with painful emotions. So we now ask you to travel with us in a little exercise of the imagination. Imagine that you are standing in front of a gate. The door is already open, and you are standing on the threshold of the New Earth. You can already sense the energy of this new Earth, the peace and the harmony.  And you can see the beauty of nature. It may actually look a bit like the country we are in now [in the South of France, on a hill top], because the beauty and wildness of nature here resembles the energy of the New Earth.  And as you are standing close to this gate, this door, you are holding the hand of a child. You notice how there is excitement in that child, as it wants to move forward into the new land, but you can also sense fear in his or her body. It seems to be a big step to leave the old behind and to enter the New Earth. The child is still frightened by all it has been told by its parents and by society. He or she is afraid to trust and take the big leap forward.

Now feel the hand of this little boy or girl in yours. This child reflects the troubled part of you that is afraid to take the next step. This is the tragedy we sometimes notice in you. On the one hand you so much long to go home, to again experience the peace and harmony that belongs to you. On the other hand, you are afraid to let go of the old, even if it is very painful to stick to it. We now invite you to embrace the child and to reassure it. Feel how it relaxes in your arms. Now see if it wants to take some steps forward. But do not judge it if it is still frightened. Tell the child that you are there for him or her in any circumstance and that you will be their guide.

Even though you are still at the threshold, only at the beginning of this new land, breathe in the energy of it. You are truly coming home now, and Home is on Earth. You have often thought that home is elsewhere, that it is somewhere up there in heaven where you come from. But the purpose of your long journey throughout many lifetimes is to bring heaven down to Earth, and to share it with your fellow humans. You are meant to bring the energy of heaven down on Earth. In the past you often had to hide because you had this desire. The time of hiding is now over. Your presence is needed here and now. You are still the forerunners, the pioneers of consciousness. And we are asking you now to stand in your power and to be proud of yourselves. This has nothing to do with the ego; it is about truly expressing your soul’s radiance.

Also, we are encouraging you to come together as lightworkers and share your energies. It is now time to join together in a very open and flexible way. By opening up to each other, you accelerate your healing process. Especially in this region of your country the energies are very suitable to this healing process. We invite you to feel this for yourself. Feel the energy of the Earth as it comes to you from the land beneath your feet. She is open and she wants to receive you. She wants to support you and provide you with everything you need as a human being. On the material level, you will see that on the New Earth, people will be more satisfied with simple means, but they will not experience this as a lack, as a type of poverty. They will be more respectful towards Earth and have a lifestyle that is more in harmony with nature. Instead of nourishing themselves with material things they will satisfy themselves with spiritual ‘food’. They will feel nourished by the relationships they have with themselves, with nature and with other people.

We are inviting you to set an example of this lifestyle in your own life. Sharing your energies with other lightworkers will help you to stay encouraged and focused on your goal. Celebrate your arrival on the New Earth together. This is our message for today. We are full of hope and joy for you.

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