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A call for peace is a very recent concept for humanity


by John Smallman

The coming great event is exciting all as its moment approaches inexorably, even though so few of you who are presently embodied have a full picture of what it entails.  Just know that there will be no disappointments – they, too, are part of the illusion.

I cannot stress forcefully enough how extremely important your daily periods of prayer, meditation, or plain relaxation are, as the moment for your awakening draws ever nearer.  Yes, it is hard for you to hold your Light on high and remain upbeat and enthusiastic while it seems that the world is heading rapidly towards economic, political, religious, and ecological catastrophe.  But that is a perception from within the illusion where your vision and ability to understand God’s infinite Love for you are severely limited.

You are all eternally present in God because He is all of creation, all that exists. There is nowhere else that you could be; it is just that you have done an extremely good job of convincing yourselves that the illusion is real and then focusing all your attention there.  Even your vision of God is illusory!  He is so much more than you could possibly imagine, and infinitely more than that as well!

Humanity has for eons attempted to paint images of God, in words, music, poetry, sculpture, drawings, and paintings; and in every age, race, culture, religion, nation, etc.  The results of some of those attempts have been quite remarkable – but nothing that you have ever produced gives even the least idea of what God truly is.

They could never do so because the illusion has separated you completely from your memories of Reality.  A few of your great spiritually advanced souls realized that God and Love were one and have tried to convey that concept to you, and some of you have understood it, but for the most part it is a concept that is way beyond your ability to comprehend because of the constant and convincingly real conflict, pain, and suffering with which the illusion presents you.  Often you have sought peace, but mostly only in order to gather your strength to reengage in conflict.

A call for peace — merely for the sake of peace, and the harmony, abundance, lack of poverty, and happiness it would provide — is a very recent concept for humanity.  It is to that recent call for peace that God has responded so abundantly, by enveloping the world in an extremely intensified field of divine Love so that you could easily go within and contact those in the spiritual realms who could respond appropriately to each individual request for help and guidance.  Help and guidance from the spiritual realms has always been available to assist you in your search for the meaning of life, but never on such a vast and intense scale as now.

This moment in your evolution has always been inevitable, but the timing of it has, until very recently, remained flexible.  God loves you and wants only your eternal happiness, for of course you are all one with each other, with all of His divine creation, and with Him, but your awakening into eternal happiness is only possible when you have released all unlovingness.  You have free will, and so are free to engage with the illusion indefinitely.  It has always caused you far more pain and suffering than joy, and so there have always been some among you seeking something far, far better.

Now the numbers of you seeking that better way have increased exponentially, and so the tipping-point has been reached where the numbers are great enough to bring about the gentle cracking and fragmentation of the screen that has hidden Reality from you for so long.  The result of this fragmentation is that as the Light shines in through the cracks and crevices ever more brilliantly, more of you seek a much greater meaning in your lives, and the cracking and fragmentation accelerates.  The screen cannot hold for very much longer as the Love enveloping you encourages acceptance, compassion, and support for one another while dissipating the fear that has separated you from each other for so long.

For a while some large fragments of the illusion may persist, enabling the few who choose to remain unloving to continue to hide themselves from Reality and play games of pain, suffering, manipulation, and confusion.  But their choice will not affect the vast majority whose only desire is to return Home by awakening. As you know, absolutely every conscious being is part of God, so no one will be condemned or abandoned.  It is just that those who are not yet ready to return Home and have made other choices will be provided with the environment they need in which to evolve to the state of readiness from which they can finally choose to awaken.  In the meantime, their choices will not delay the awakening of the vast majority who await their awakening with eager and impatient excitement and enthusiasm.

With so very much love, Saul.

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