Ascended Masters 20120625 ~ An Hour with an Angel: Peace with Serapis Bey and El Morya, June 25, 2012


An Hour with an Angel: Peace with Serapis Bey and El Morya

2012 JUNE 24

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Posted by Graham Dewyea

An Hour with an Angel may be pre-empted if the mass arrests occur Monday.

Last week Linda Dillon was called away and Geoff West and Steve Beckow looked at peace from a ground-level perspective.

This week Serapis Bey and El Morya look at the same subject from an ascended perspective. Some readers will know Serapis Bey as one of the founders of the abundance program that has become best known today as NESARA. Others will know El Morya as the teacher of many occult students of the early Twentieth Century, most notably Theosophists.

Geoff West, who has made peace a lifelong preoccupation, will host the show. Here is its description from last week:

This week’s show looks to address what has become a very vague, and arguably misunderstood theme.  This is the theme of ‘peace’.  A word that most people think they understand and perhaps think that they are creating in their worlds.  The word ‘peace’ currently lacks a broad, holistic definition, and this opens the door for discussion as to what it is that people are claiming when they say they want ‘peace’.  Is it ‘conditional peace’?

As one researcher of peace, Johann Galtung claims, is it ‘positive peace’ or is it ‘negative peace’?  What are leaders claiming when they claim to ‘want peace’ or that they will ‘impose peace’? What are negotiators claiming when they claim to ‘negotiate peace’?  What are researchers claiming when they claim to ‘measure or quantify peace’?  What are academics claiming when they claim to ‘study peace’ and what are institutions claiming when they claim to ‘teach peace’?

Where and when does ‘peace’ begin?   What criteria might need to be present in order for ‘peace’ to be known?   Join Linda Dillon and Geoffrey West as they briefly discuss their experiences and interpretations of peace and then welcome the planned guests for this show, Ascended Masters, Serapis Bey and El Morya.   El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray, representing power, goodwill and faith and Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, representing  purity, discipline and harmony.

A discussion that may push the buttons of one’s current understanding of peace, but also one that may expand the consciousness and BE-ing of peace that each soul is now called to be, in co-creating the New Gaia, a peace born of one’s relation to Self, to others, to Gaia and to all LIFE, on and beyond Gaia in each moment of ‘now’.

An Hour with an Angel airs on Monday, June 11, 2012, at 5 p.m./ Pacific Time



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