Ascended Masters 20120624 ~ The NECESSITY of God Message from Ascended Master, Lady Leto



Message from Ascended Master, Lady Leto

Channeled by: Julie Miller
June 23, 2012
It has been quite some time since we last conversed through your dear sister, our vessel. All messages that we speak, either through this dear soul or ones that are delivered to another receiver all hold many lessons for continued spiritual progression. Some of the content spoken in many messages wakens the curiosity that often leads to necessary learning for the path you are on. 
What is it dear ones that encourages your curiosity? Do you know the difference of curiosity and necessity? One is not the other; they are complete opposites of each other. When you are merely curious the truth is not what you are seeking. What bridges the gap between curiosity and necessity dear ones is fear. Release the fear of what holds your curiosity, step into that unknown territory that has been presented to you to learn. Do not learn from a distance where you have to strain your eyes to see the glorious truth of what has been brought to you. The truth has an explosive power and sometimes it’s the power of the truth that causes many people to deter from progressing to the fullest of their capabilities. The truth will not harm anyone; it will broaden your awareness of yourself and provide light that is necessary for you to clearly see where you are going. 
When dearly beloved souls get caught up in mere curiosity and reject the idea of following the lessons of what is being offered, what is happening on a deeper level dear ones, is the rejection of spontaneous Love and Light from God and those of the Divine Realms to provide you with the necessary healing and encouragement that will direct you further. We of the Divine KNOW you yearn for the truth, yet there are some that are only ready to dip their toe to test the waters but not go beyond this. It is only natural dear ones to allow yourself to be guided to areas that excite and interest you, and it is understandable that some areas may cause a little fear because you are entering unknown territory. I advise deeply dear ones, DO NOT allow the fear to hold you back and control you. When you follow your heart, trust is this direction and KNOW what you are to learn is for your highest of good. Lessons come through many guises dear ones. Sometimes your lessons come through difficult situations that cause grief, other times lessons come through joyous moments or just from the ability of taking that first brave step to go beyond your comfort zone. That simple motion alone is a huge lesson all on its own. 
I do see how hard many of you struggle to control the Ego. The Ego feeds your doubt through fear and negative thought forms. Understand this dear one when you recognize this occurring and love yourself through every instance of your dear life. When negative thought forms enter your precious minds, counter them with positive affirmations and positive thought forms. And dear ones when your doubt is fed from your Ego, your doubt will feed your curiosity. It becomes a never-ending battle if you don’t stop the struggle with unconditional love and compassion for yourself first. You are the source of all you are meant to become. Learn to Master all your faculties and step up through perseverance and diligence; learning to balance your inner energy centres along with your emotional and mental states. 
Necessity dear ones is felt through the heart. Necessity is what directs you to the Spiritual and Divine. Necessity is where you feel the profoundest and most intense for any given area of your path, it is your underlining force that propels you to follow the Word and Will of God. It is what is important, this is what necessity is. Curiosity has you looking through the window, while necessity has you in the center of the beautiful Light and Love of God. The divine truth of God’s Love is necessary dear ones, as this illuminating light shows you the way to your own divinity. 
Following the path of infinite truth does have its trials as many of you have learned. When you consciously choose to dedicate yourself to your journey and to serve God in the capacity that is best for you, the way of truth is a necessity. You will encounter your own truth and learn many facts that no longer hold much merit as you change and grow. It is advisable to do an inner sweep of heavy old ways of doing things often in order to lighten your mind, body and spirit – bringing you into higher realms of consciousness. God dear ones will never fail you. You will discover through careful and honest observations of yourself, that what you once perceived as the truth has changed, this because you continue to change. No matter how difficult the situation that is being presented, remain grounded and forge ahead. Trust in God’s Love, as He loves you completely. Through the Love from God, you will know perfect and unconditional love. This love will heal you at a soul level dear one with its absolute pureness.
Dear ones we have heard your shouts, your cries for what you possessively want, yet is the inner calls that expand your inner self, it’s the calls coming from your heart that is answered dear ones. Call through your hearts dear one for what is necessary. God is necessary for you to reach the highest of your Divine Insight. When you realize the necessity of God in your life and how God’s presence can only aid your progression, then you will manifest peace, contentment and joy into all you do. 
Sincerity for yourself and all of mankind will develop in time; it is not an overnight success. There are many lessons yet for you to learn and they will require your full concentration and love. Don’t follow any area of your journey out of curiosity sake that will not bring you into any lasting satisfaction or any significant spiritual growth or development. When you allow yourself to be guided to a new area outside of your comfort zone, take your time until you develop a steady and passionate momentum but move forward with a genuine aspiration to fulfill what you have been guided to learn.
I will begin to conclude today’s transmission with a promise to return through this child soon to continue with our discussion. Until that time approaches, always know God is with you dear ones, never are you without your dear Father. My guidance, support and healing is always available to those souls who wish to invoke my presence. 
I AM Ascended Master, Lady Leto through Julie Miller



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