Ascended Masters 20120623 ~ Our wish is that you continue on your present course – Michael channeled by Ron Head


Our wish is that you continue on your present course

Michael channeled by Ron Head

We greet you on this first day after your solstice.  As always, many are wondering what all the fuss was about, while others are amazed at the new energies they find themselves in.  You have entered a field of much increased frequencies of love.  You are all in this field, my friends.  Some can see a difference, some can feel it, some see new colors, some see energies that they have not seen before, and some do not yet notice any change.  Do not judge yourselves for being where you are.  You are exactly where you need to be at this moment.  If you have chosen to be on the path to ascension, you are where you can be of the most benefit for yourselves and the all.

All around you now, you are seeing a crescendo of events that is leading to a massive change in your outside world.  As above, so below, yes?  As within, so without.  What you are about to witness is the evidence of the massive change that has occurred, and continues to occur in the hearts of humanity.

Some of the persons who are experiencing these changes in themselves would amaze you.  They reach far wider than you can yet see.  And as you continue to bring your intentions to bear, continue to imagine and envision change, this is accelerating.  We see that more and more of you are joining together in these efforts.  Not only are you joining together on days such as your solstice, but now some are doing this daily.

Do not be surprised or rocked when the effects of all this multiply and spill into the limelight.  It is already beginning and will build rapidly now.  Be certain in your hearts that what you witness will be exactly what is necessary to accomplish what is needed.  Your fondest dreams are becoming reality, and beyond that are things which you now would believe impossible.  Things which are real now, but hidden from you, will spur such advances as will be difficult for some to come to grips with.  But soon, as you know, everything which is new becomes commonplace.

Hold your vision of a peaceful and graceful transition into your new lives and these mammoth changes in your world can be accomplished with as little upheaval as possible.  We would point out to you that even with hundreds of earthquakes happening daily, no major loss of life has occurred.  You may also have noticed that some of your first typhoons and hurricanes have not produced any damage to speak of.  You will one day come to understand the relationship between your state of mind and your environment.  News on one side of your world.  Old hat, as you say, on the other.

Our wish is that you continue on your present course.  We believe you say, “Keep on keeping on.”  We are amazed at what you are accomplishing.  Ask whenever you need comfort or aid.  We are always here with you.  Good day.

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