Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120620 The Dolphin Collective ~~ The Fidelity of Us on Your side ~~ 20/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont




We are the Dolphin Collective and we greet you all, our companions and beloved family members. How truly blessed  we are to be reconnected this way, dear ones, for the Ascension process is about to become Reality in your illusory world. It has been a long time that we have informed you of the now coming conditions, the circumstances leading to Ascension and we are overjoyed to be able to notify you that the time of Reunions with our brothers and sisters of the Higher Realms now comes into force. A lot of preparations went into this process and a lot has yet to come forward but Ascension is now imminent and cannot be stopped. Prepare yourselves to connect with the most wonderful worlds of Love and Light; these will all surpass your capacity of imagination!


This world is Light! This world is Love! You are this world! Crown yourselves kings of your own loving world and behold your kingdoms for you will feel on top of the world in a limitless Dimension with endless borders to parallel worlds. This ultimate liberation from constraints and from your illusory Dimension of duality will be the crowning, the rewards for all the labor you have done throughout countless incarnations. Be truly proud of yourselves for this all implied the most difficult test you had to endure and now you have succeeded with flying colors. All the tests you underwent were solely for the purpose of gaining experiences and were never meant to push you deeper in the unfathomed depths of illusion. Wherever you are on your path, be assured that guidance and intuition will pull you out of it in the end. In most cases the darkest places are the first abodes you stayed in before you returned home to realize fully where you truly belong, what you have or who or what you truly represent. Energy! That’s the answer … Pure Love energy from the Light. Each one of you is an aspect of the Source of “All That Is” and forms its own integration with this Source.


The Lights can vary according to your state of consciousness, but that’s really the only difference between you for you are each and everyone of Angelic descent comprising 1 huge brilliant Light. Be born into this Light and welcome yourselves Home to your Origins. God is All That Is and so are you! Children of Mother/Father God, creations, sources of Love, Light, stars … All That Is! We are one, never forget that!


We Love you so much, of that you can be sure. A long time ago we have chosen to stand by your side in this process because of our pure, unconditional Love for you. For we admire your pride, your courage and your strength to reach this purity of being again. We greet you and we take our leave now for just a little while until we return for our next meeting through this lovely channeler. We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you for bringing this message forth. We love you. 

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