Ascended Masters 20120614 No Effort is Ever Lost Message from Ascended Master Maitreya Channeled by: Julie Miller


Love and blessings are bestowed as we begin the conversation I have prepared today. 

Think dear ones of the occupation that you occupy. Do you work because you love what you are doing or are you merely working to supply the needs of your own and your family? The work you do does not have to be dull and can be light and love giving. Your occupational choice does not have to be considered drudgery if you can look at your tasks with a positive light. All the tasks you do each day and the ones that sometimes arises can definitely be viewed as joyous. You can manifest joy into every aspect of your day; even the most boring of tasks can be looked at with love. It really is all about changing your way of thinking. How can washing dishes be considered joyous, or filing a mountain of receipts, or day in day out changing tires or serving coffee, the list of occupations are endless and each are filled with as many positive attributes are there are negative ideas for each task. For every task you begin, look at it as a chance to gain mastery over. Just like you work at mastering patience throughout your day, you also put out your love filled efforts to gain mastery over even the most unwanted task. When you are done any task that you put your full heart and soul into you just KNOW you have done well. This wonderful feeling of self-appreciation can be felt in every task you set out to do. 

It is understandably not easy for you to work with the energy fluctuations of what is going on around the world and with the vibrational changes that are happening within you. Each experience you encounter is another opportunity to invite change into your life that will direct you to joyous and fulfilling outcomes. All the hours you put into your labours are opportunities to learn and to master yourself where you are. You are where you can learn to hone and fine tune the skills you come with. Much of what you do as far as skill and ability overlaps in more areas than your work and home life. You might put on different masks for each task, you have the mask of mother, welder, father, son, daughter, cashier, meditator, and the list goes on in regards to what you do throughout your days. Raise yourself up from the negative thought patterns simply by applying positive thought forms and using positive adjectives.

Think long ago of the pioneers of the land, the work they put out to benefit themselves yes but also with God in their hearts. They toiled the land, built their homes, they did everything with their hands to bring what they could to their tables. Long hours they did work and they never forgot the Love or Word of God and they looked at the labour they were doing with love knowing there would be a harvest to look forward to. Yes this life came with hard lessons because a good harvest comes when the weather has been amiable and when there was little harvest they discovered other ways, they kept moving as positively as they could. Just like you, they persevered, they learned and adapted, they applied conscious thinking and mastered what they knew they could do best and learned new skills when the opportunity rose. 

Dear ones during every effort you put through that is filled with optimistic goodness, even as the muscles on your neck strain as the effort you give are great you are actually moving with your Christ Consciousness into a better and higher ground with yourself. Relax into you’re the position you hold and be the master of every detail.  

Your Christ Self will come into action dear ones into all your activities in order to bring you grander joy and love from the smallest aspects of your life if you are able to accept the Love of God into your heart and soul. Allow your Christ Self to guide you to the Light and Love of God. Engage in the fulfillment of this purest of Love that is available for all people. Your life becomes more complete when you are able to work from your Christ Self and applying your God Presence in every part of your life demonstrating the Light and Love of God that will be flowing through all your actions. Don’t shut out the world dear ones, open your hearts and feel the Light enter and provide instant gratification of calm.

What I see often dear ones is so many wanting to experience Ascension, the raising of your vibrations and the ability to deal with those deep, hidden energies that is buried deep within your beloved souls. There is an incredible amount of energy being dispersed and experienced by many dear souls in order for them to work with their own deep subconscious energy, much of this energy dear one has come from earlier lives you lived on Earth. Until recently it has been excruciatingly difficult to bring forward this subconscious energy to the surface in order to deal with it. Thankfully over the past few years the vibrations have risen through many efforts of the people who were effortlessly working with many spiritual beings in order to help raise awareness and to aid in releasing the tension and negativity that has been part of your existence for a very long time. Now there is a rising of awakened souls and more on the horizon. 

Think dear ones and remember the anger you have felt over trivial things, how your perception has been changing, recognize the inner turmoil that has brought this to the surface. The energies that are freely flowing from the Universe are compelling you to face all issues on a subconscious level which many have been avoided for just as many life times. These emotions you are feeling the ones that cause fear, irritation, lack of confidence are stemmed from your subconscious dear ones – do not run from these. Understand them and yourself. Propel yourself forward by removing all subconscious longings and emotions – they must be dealt with; you cannot skip over the ones that bring discomfort, all must be worked through. 

Have faith in yourself and in the Love of God when you begin working at facing your fears and doubts. Learn to control your Ego and work through your heart more. When you learn to have faith and trust in God and the many guides that work along with you, you evolve from always having to do things your way to being able to see other points of view with sincere respect and interest. Go within when you require further understanding, all of your answers are there dear one. Speaking to another person can help you voice what you wanting and through their replies and words you will discover the amazing Aha that will answer the question you began with. Listen dear ones, not just to the voice but to the message in the words. 

More and more souls are learning to let go of pre-established conditioning. They are doing this because they have grown and matured, they know what they want and what they do not want. They know they will face grief from certain people that may not follow what they feel in their hearts to be true, but it is their conviction of this truth, their truth that encourages them to live the life they feel to be right for them. Allow each other room to breathe, support and comfort each other during the times when life dishes out its hardest of challenges. Working in unity for the greater of good for each other with love in your hearts is the aim and in time with great patience this will be achieved. No effort is ever lost; all lessons in your life are gains to understanding, wisdom and awareness of not only yourself but the rest of mankind as well. Love yourself and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. 

My love for each of you is endless and my energy is available for all that seeks my guidance. May you find peace and love in all your adventures. 

I AM Ascended Master Maitreya through Julie Miller



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