A Message to Light Bringers – October 14, 2022 🔥


Hello My Friend –

In this week’s Message, the Collective answer a question sent in by a Light Bearer about the current plans of the old power crowd — their last-ditch attempts to keep us not only small, but frightened and controlled.

I love how the Collective draw our eyes up, to the bigger picture: 

“Earth beings could no more return to the lower order of the third dimension than you could find a way to stop the Light itself from illuminating every facet of Earth life—and they did attempt to find a way to do that, and eventually gave up, seeing the impossibility of it.

Is there a lower dimensional version of Earth—a particular timeline they feel it is possible to maintain, so that their charade may continue, one way or another?

Even that is not open to them now, dear ones.

They have lost their last chances to maintain their former madness and adherence to the dark order.

And so, they must experience the Light, as all must, and see who they are, once illumined by its presence, and by Divine Love . . . “

To quote our Ashtar Command White Knight friends, “The Captain is here, and he knows what to do!” to bring in Divine Justice.

Go here for the full Message, and know that we are walking this good red road together.

Though the story is still unfolding, our destination of a Light-filled, fifth dimensional life is already real.

In Divine Love,

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