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Greetings, Amazing One!

Wow, we had a beautiful Q&A with the Collective on last night’s Special Abundance Call!

Go here for the Replay of the Call, where they assisted everyone in releasing anxiety and stress, answered vital questions about the world situation, and provided beautiful energy work that many were Thankful for and felt lifted by.

This is an example of what the Collective’s answers to personal questions an energy work can offer.

It’s why the Abundance Group was created — to offer a place of encouragement and inspiration.

And for those who want to go further, Membership can be a positive investment in your inner growth, healing, and Peace of mind.

So I’m very happy to be welcoming new subscribing members this week, because our beautiful group is always moving to a higher level.

As we Transform our vibration and feelings about life — as we heal the subconscious trauma and damaging energy patterns that are coming up to the surface now, our life can’t help but improve.

The Collective’s higher energies and insights have changed lives — see the testimonials at the end of this email.

It’s time to release the illusion that we are “small,” and feelings of helplessness or stress about current events.

As empowered co-Creators, we can still feel positive, secure and at Peace, even in tenuous times. 

Some questions have come in about membership, and I’m happy to answer those —  

  • You can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked—just cancel your PayPal auto-payments and carry on with Love and blessings from the Collective and me
  • Yes, your input determines the direction of the Group—the areas worked on in the Calls, the answers to individual questions, the Gold Members’ monthly energy work call—all of it!
  • Current subscribing members do not need to re-subscribe, unless you want to upgrade to the New Gold Membership, which offers 4 times the channeled answers than the original version.
  • For more info click here


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