New Video – Release All Feelings of Abandonment ¬†ūüĆü


Greetings, Lovely Light Being!

Huge Thanks to all who watched the Collective’s latest video, and offered beautiful comments on YouTube, in emails, and on Facebook.

It’s a great help to know what most helps you now.

The last video talked about Transformation in the sense of releasing old roles and life experiences that can hold us back when we feel defined by them. 

Nearly everyone I know deals with this, and it can be confining and limiting in ways that make life harder.

For example, I recently asked some Abundance Group members to take a survey that would reveal a few of their Abundance blocks. The hardest things seemed to be:

  • Feeling shame about desiring to have more money
  • Feeling that money is just hard to come by
  • Feeling unworthy of having enough money to be comfortable, not stressed, financially¬†

Experiences in their childhood that led them to that included:

  • Being told often there wasn’t enough money for what they wanted
  • Feeling that one or both parents often worried about money, or hearing them say things like “Money doesn’t grow on trees”¬†
  • Getting the impression that they were “expensive” to raise

Many carry those feelings daily, and they only add to the pressures of uncertainty so many are experiencing now in different areas of life.

As the Collective point out in their new video, many are feeling as if the Universe has abandoned humanity to rough circumstances.

But the Universe doesn’t function the way our parents did, or the way our culture does.¬†It doesn’t run out of Abundance of any kind, including encouragement and inner Wisdom.¬†
Coming out of the old Earth way of seeing things requires Transforming our thoughts and emotions about what is possible¬†for us to have and experience¬†— based on a higher realization of Who we really are.
In today’s video, the Collective speak on getting past feeling what so many are experiencing now — wondering if we’ve been¬†abandoned by our galactic friends and those of the higher realms.

They talk about stepping into those parts of our mastery that remind us that in this new, powerful Light coming in, we can only get stronger now:

We have not been schooled in how to go beyond our Earth life training and experiences for the most part, except via certain methods to re-orient our subconscious. 

What is happening now goes beyond that, because the Light codes coming into the planet are not only reorienting us, but remaking us into something far higher than we’ve been for thousands of years.

The new¬†video is¬†on¬†YouTube, with full transcript on the website. It’s embedded with higher energies to assist you in your Transformation to that new, higher level.

In their next video, the Collective will speak further on moving into a higher mental / emotional vibration — the kind of feeling-place and sense of self that outer¬†circumstance cannot weaken or remove.

Please feel free leave your comments under each¬†video — what you¬†felt was helpful or not, and what issues you’d like future videos to address.¬†

Know that your path is sacred, and that all issues are being resolved now on a higher level.

Sending much Love, as always!


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