New Message – New Video 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

This week’s Message comes as a new video from the Collective, with transcript on the website.

It’s full of higher energies to lift your vibration from feeling pressured or unsure right now, to realizing that we don’t have to be defined by our experiences. Even the extreme ones we’ve been seeing over the last two years. 

They remind us that as we focus on absorbing higher Light into body, mind and spirt, our thoughts and emotions are able to move a higher vibrational level of Peace and calm. 

We can then interpret our experiences from a higher level. And from there, we can see them transform. 

This is something we talk about a lot on the Abundance Group zoom calls.

Anyone who is truly prospering is at Peace with the world and themselves, even while admitting they don’t quite understand all Universal laws and actions.

They can remain calm even in the midst of life’s storms, because they have learned to release the survival instinct that is constantly vigilant and expecting the worst.

All of us carry that survivor response. We got it from our ancestors. From our education and religious training. From the shocks and jolts of this and many other lives.

What Abundance teachings remind us, is that There is no lack.

No shortage of Love, support, and reliable wisdom to turn to, whether we need physical healing, or increased income, to heal a relationship, or new ideas and solutions.

In this exciting, Transformative moment on the New Earth timeline, we have the chance to live as 5D humans, even before NESARA is announced. 

This goes beyond manifestation methods, because once we’re willing to accept the kind of Transformation that shifts how we view ourselves, everything changes

The day you and I begin speaking to the Universe in the energetic language it understands and always functions in is the day we begin to see how powerful we are.

One of the first steps into that beautiful Transformation, is to come from a place of calm and inner connectedness to this higher Light we are experiencing now on Lady Gaia — and to move into the state of Receiving.

The Collective speak to this in their latest Message, on the website and on the Abundance Group Facebook page.

Let me know what you think—leave your comments or questions under the Facebook post or on YouTube.

The next video will take this a step further . . . 

Many Blessings, and May the Source Be With You!


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