Powerful Abundance Call Replay + Meditation Gift! 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Light Being!

I send many blessings to all for a beautiful and Joyful New Year!

Please enjoy the replay of last night’s Abundance Call. I’m sending it to everyone, and not only subscribing TAG Members, because the energy work, loving community, and crucial issues discussed on the Call are right on the nose for most of us now. 

We were blessed to have Diana (formerly Kelly) Jones as our special guest, speaking on powerful self-Love issues!

Diana is a healer, coach, consultant, teacher, and author dedicated to our Awakening.

She has gifted us with a link to her “Being Loved” Guided Meditation.

She explains that this beautiful meditation “opens the door and lights the path to being loved, and to the truth that lies nestled in the core of your being, offering answers to questions you’re only now becoming aware of. Listen wholeheartedly!” 

And starting January 7, 2022, we have an opportunity to embark upon what may be the most important part of our Earth life — the journey into fully knowing and experiencing how Loved we are.

Diana will be running a revolutionary workshop will change the trajectory of our lives and significantly improve how we relate to ourselves and others.

Within us lies the power to change our life — opening up to beautiful relationships, ongoing Abundance, Peace of heart-mind, fulfilling work — and Being Loved shows us the way.

Learn More Now

I have worked with Diana, and find her insights and abilities amazing. She has transformed lives as a conscious business coach, energy healer, intuitive, life coach, and Akashic Records reader.

She will use all those gifts to assist people individually as well as in group work in the Being Loved program.

You can hear some of her work on the Abundance Call replay, and learn what her clients say about her by going here and also here (bottom of the page).

I highly recommend her work! 

With much Love, and many blessings for 2022,
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We’ll be happy to welcome you into our loving, supportive community!



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