A Message to Light Bringers – December 20, 2021¬†ūüíú


A Message to Light Bringers
December 20, 2021


Today’s message is an excerpt from the Collective’s new book, New Earth Journeys.

This is from¬†Chapter¬†5 – “On Staying in Love, Joy and Wonder.”

QUESTION: My question is about maintaining my connection to God, my fellow Earthlings, and all the magical aspects of existence I’ve been learning about over the past few years.

Though I continue to read, take classes, and learn in order to maintain and continue my expansion of Love, I snap back to fear and smallness as quick as a rubber band.

I have to try so hard to stay high and in touch with Love and joy and wonder. If I’m not continually putting effort in, I slide back, and life feels hard and dark and scary.

Something tells me there’s an easier way, and I’m hoping you can help me with that.

THE COLLECTIVE: This is an excellent question, particularly in this time! The false old Earth systems are doing all they can to resist the higher Light now. This is so.

Yet the human desire to flow into the Presence of higher Light and stay there, has never been greater!

This conundrum is not always easy to take. It is possible to desire real growth, and to focus on expanding one’s energies to resonate with Divine Love. Yet there are times when the requirements of life now feel too dense and heavy to bear, and sometimes frightening.

We would say, that this is a part of the steeper aspect of your path, and the paths of many millions of others now. You are realizing that you came in to this Earth life with the intention to grow in ways you had not grown in the past.

You came in to overcome the old pitfalls. To forgive old grievances, and end old soul contracts. To release old etheric influences that try to pull you away from your own higher instincts.

You desired to know and demonstrate the pure Love of Divinity in everyday life. And yet, the resistance can indeed be great, within as well as without.

Know that the impulse to weigh and measure where you are spiritually is part of the old order.

You will notice a far lighter feeling in your own mind and heart-space, as you release judgment of ‚Äúhow I‚Äôm doing‚ÄĚ as far as how pure and loving your heart-mind and general mood are at any one time.

Release that habit! Whenever it comes up, smile at it. Go beyond it. The shifts you are experiencing at present are remaking every cell of your being.

Allow yourself moments of tiredness, sadness, or insecurity, without judgment. Be kind; be encouraging, as you would be to anyone . . .  



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