♥ 12.12 Gateway of Embodiment; 12.21 Solstice / Age of Aquarius – Paige Hall


♥ 12.12 Gateway of Embodiment; 12.21 Solstice / Age of Aquarius
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Greetings Beautyful Souls!

We can all feel the intensity building with the massive shifts since the full moon Lunar eclipse on November 30th and this Monday, December 14th with the Total Solar Eclipse!  Then on the December 21st / Solstice is the much talked about Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which is known throughout the world as the Age of Aquarius.

It might seem to be never ending, the exhaustion, the highs and lows, misinformation, instability and roller coaster emotions, not to mention physical sensations from the Solar flares and our DNA upgrades returning us to our Divine blueprint.  However, this window is the biggest opportunity that we will have in this lifetime and for many of us our service and purpose is becoming clearer by the day.  Surrendering to the unknown has become the New Now.

Aligning with peace in the coming months is very important because the old reality will continue to disintegrate (or crash and burn) all around us. We may find ourselves asking why we would choose such a karmic experience?  We are being called to keep our frequency high and to make choices based on love, compassion and caring for others. Even if you feel distracted by the duality being spit at us via the mainstream media, big tech, and world governments –despite it all – We are called to focus on highest trajectories and remember who we are.

An affirmation to assist with integrating the incoming high frequency as humanity and our planet transitions from the Dark and into the Light:

“I accept the light recalibration of my DNA. I stand as One with the Divinity on Earth.  I allow my cellular structure to release the waste it has held onto for eons. I realign with the frequencies of Joy, Compassion, Peace, Perfect Breathe and Form for Unity and Divine Love.  And so it is.”
12.12-12.20 Gateway: Messages from the Crystallines

The Cosmic, Solar and multi-dimensional frequencies will increase on Earth, and for humanity, during this once in a lifetime conjunction as We enter the Age of Aquarius on the Solstice.As a Crystal Messenger, I communicate with the Crystal Beings to assist humanity and the planet.  There are two specific Crystals which came forth for the 12.12 Gateway of Embodiment, to assist with the shifts, challenges and uprising of energies, that we will experience until the last full moon of 2020, on December 29th. The following crystals wish to assist:

CITRINE ~ Many people and families are experiencing uncertainty with their livelihoods and their stability is crumbling. This shift of ages will disintegrate an outdated class system, as the tipping point of elitism is undeniably in a Service to Self position.  Citrine wishes that you call upon its frequencies of Abundance to manifest what is needed most.   Remain generous of Spirit and restore harmony through praise of enormous efforts and refrain from criticism.  Allow Citrine to Cleanse, Activate and Re-energize your Being so that you embody the frequency of Abundance and align with those who interact creatively by sharing resources for the bigger picture, a New Earth.  Place Citrine on your sacral chakra to alleviate fatigue and activate the immune system.

GOLDEN HEALER ~ When We recognize the infinite healing powers that are transforming us on a cellular level, we then can tap into the quantum field of profound spiritual potential.  Even when it does not seem possible, our Soul will unleash an opportunity for Transformation to Unify with the Divine.  One cannot integrate the Golden frequencies available to us if we are stuck in the past.  Call upon Golden Healer to infuse you with exceptionally high frequencies to activate your DNA, so that all stagnant energy is released, bringing the Christ Consciousness down to the Earth for healing and regenesis.

(Please read & understand the disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter.  The recommendations mentioned here should never replace the medical or psychological care for any individual receiving these messages.)

As Wayshowers & New Earth Advocates, We have known these Epochal shifts would occur on this planet for decades. It is essential in this Now, that We are Compassionate with each other and take Divine Action as and whenever We are called to do so.  If you find yourself spiraling within a trigger or pattern that has re-emerged, please Remember that We chose to Be here at this time, to embrace Unity Consciousness no matter what the Illusion is in the Collective.  Reach out when you need to (it is important not to isolate yourself), ground often in nature, and return to Zero Point as often as possible.

I have openings for sessions in early January & I do keep a wait list if there is a cancellation prior. Special packages & generous discounts on specific services and products are available through 12.20.2020.

My grids, elixirs & Crystal glassware kits are available for purchase and on sale until Solstice (Free shipping in USA only).  10 x10 Light language Cellular Regenesis template grids are available for download for those outside USA.  These grids can be used for similar effects as the Elixirs and Glassware.

Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel This month, I Am sharing tips on how to cope with the physical sensations you may be experiencing for our Cellular Regenesis during this 12.12 Gateway.

Please scroll below for my FREE meditation for YOU, Solstice Specials and links to December events.

From my heart to yours, I wish you and your loved ones a JOY filled, Peace filled, Healthy, Abundant & Happy Holiday and a very blessed Solstice.

We are Co-Creating a New Earth as ONE!
Together WE Raise Vibrations!
You + Me = WE ♥
Peace, Love & Unity Blessings,
Paige ♥


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