The manuscript of su​rvival 20121220 – Part 240​


The acceleration can be felt in many ways now, and although this can in many ways be likened to an ebb and flow, from now on, things will start to intensify even further. We are aware that for some, the frustrations of not ”feeling anything” can be great, but let us just assure you that you are all perfectly poised to fulfill whatever it is you have been picked out to do while you are here. Remember, you all have tasks that will be initiated duirng this lifetime, and for many, they are actually on the brink of discovering whatever it is they came here to do. We refer of course to the additional tasks that are manyfold and varied, but now, let us just concentrate on the task at hand. Namely the one of completing this journey through the labyrinth, or rather, portal of energetic realignment that you are already entangled within. For the rest will come when the time is right, but before that, you will all complete this in many ways labyrinthine journey through this vortex. And we say labyrinthine with just cause. Because even if the vortex itself is structured in a very simple way, your journey through it will not be be as direct.

You see, you are taking this journey on so many levels, and the only one you have full attention on now, is the one you are taking on your current level of awareness. In other words, the so-called third density world. And as such, you will only be aware of some of the challenges all of these energetic imprints bring with them. That is, some of you have already gotten a small taste of what this journey is doing to you in some of your other aspects as well, so yes, this is in all intents and purposes a multidimensional journey. For this is indeed a coming together of all of your aspects, and this vortex will act as a focal point, much like a prism, but on this side of the vortex, it will act like a gatherer of light. In other words, unlike a prism that separates the light into a rainbow of diffent colors, this vortex works in the opposite way. Namely that of collecting every aspect of you that exists in All of Creation, all of your ”colors” if you will, and then they are fused together to form a single, powerful beam of light that will pass through to the other side of this vortex for then to separate again. But this time, they will not lose contact with each other, but they will continue to cooperate in a way that will make every aspect of you aware of what the others are doing.

So yes, you will become one with yourself, by becoming one with all of yourselves, and in doing that, you will release all of those powers that this union carries within. For you are indeed a multidimensional being, and you have always been that. But up until now, you have only sensed this singular presence of yourself that inhabits this plane and this planet. But after you have passed through this vortex and this reconnetion-sequence, you will once again see yourself for what you actually are, namely a whole spectrum of light, scattered out into a whole host of beautiful beings, all carrying their own unique fraction of the bandwidth of this spectrum. And together, you are the light, in each and every sense of the word, and combined, your force will overcome any challenge that may come in your way.

So again we say stay calm, for you are indeed on the right course, and even if what you experience in the hours and days ahead will vary, remember that it is all good. You cannot do anything wrong in this, for this process is far, far more complex and all-encompassing than what you can see and perceive from your perspective. So just let go of any thoughts of inadequacy and unpreparedness, and know that you are all being brought to the door and beyond, no matter what you yourself may think about your role in all of this. For you are gathering momentum even as we speak, and you are being carried forth into this reconnection with yourself. Rejoice, for you will soon be whole in a way that you have not been before, and then, your lives will start anew, just like your calendar will begin anew with 01.01.13.

The manuscript of survival – part 240





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