Time for Change 20120909 CIA Asset Susan Lind​auer Speaks Out Abou​t Truth of 9/11 2012​ SEPTEMBER 8​


Posted by Stephen Cook

Thanks to Suzy Star

This video was released in March this year and features former CIA asset, 9/11 and Iraq War whistleblower, Susan Lindauer.

Susan is an American journalist and antiwar activist. In 2003, she was accused of conspiring to act as an unregistered lobbyist for the Iraqi Intelligence Service and engaging in prohibited financial transactions with the government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

She was found ‘mentally unfit to stand trial’ in two separate hearings. During her incarceration, she won the right to refuse forced antipsychotic medication to make her competent to stand trial. She was released in 2006 and all charges against her (ironically) were dropped in 2009.

In this video,  she says:

  • That the Bush White House was behind 9/11.

  • The World Trade Centre Towers came down by bombing. Nukes (thermite?) which melted the steel.

  • No plane struck the Pentagon.

  • The third plane was shot down, and that the Air Force pilot who conducted that shoot is still in prison.

  • Everything we were told about Iraq was ‘lies’

  • The reason for the Iraq War was to steal the country’s gold (bullion and historical gold artifacts, according to another source)

  • Soldiers in Iraq were exposed to depleted uranium.

and more.


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