Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20120730 SYBRA OF SIRIUS. “De​tach, Dream And Dele​te.” By, AuroRa Le. ​July 30


~ Brethren of the Stars and honored Earthkeepers, I am Sybra the Elder, of Sirius.  I speak with you today not only in representation of The Council of the Venus Ray, but as a voice for The Elders of the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance;  so as we might share with you our common perspective regarding the current trends to which we see your thoughts wandering, these few days past.  Please allow us to share our own perspective on the matter.

~ The information you absorb is no different than the food and drink you ingest on a daily basis.  Whilst the foods’ intent is to nourish you and make the body strong, so too the data you choose has an immediate effect on the vitality of your heart, mind and spirit.  Please be advised to select your reading and listening material with the same precise care you exercise when purchasing groceries for your family.  Because changes in your energetic body are not often as readily apparent as they are within your physical vessel, it is easy and quite understandable that you would not associate these two things as actually being one and the same.  Therefore, we wish to caution you to please exhibit meticulous discernment when deciding which information you shall hold as truth and which to set aside as non-resonant.

~ Detach, dream and delete.  These are my three “words of the day”, Dear Brethren.   What does Sybra mean by this, I hear you say?  Let me explain, then, and I vow to remain plainspoken and to keep the data very simple.  Firstly, you must detach immediately from the surrounding drama.  I refer not to the drama of daily life, although I must say it is advisable to steer clear of this, also.  On this day I speak of what appears to myself and my fellow Elders as a whirling merry-go-round of contradictory, confusing and sometimes fear-inducing data.  See here, we do not cast judgement upon you or the presenters of theses pieces.  To each his own creations and chosen reality.  But I ask you, does this other person’s reality mirror your own?  Do the written words fill your heart to overflowing with hope and Godly light?  Are they in sync with with what your own precious guides are telling you?  Is it a proper tool to pass on in your quest of awakening the masses?  Or on a less joyous note,  do these news bits fill you with great fear for the future?  Signs of non-resonance include a tight clenching of your solar plexus, a drop in your energy level, a sensation that something has attached itself to you and you have difficulty shaking off your solemn mood.  When  any of this occurs, stop reading or listening and immediately delete the offending piece.

~ All words-whether written or spoken, channeled or not channeled-carry the energies of the writer and the corresponding entity.  As does your physical nourishment, these energies become absorbed into the etheric body of their recipient.  Many of these messages, such as the ones you read here, are charged with activations.  If the energies and activations are incompatible with your own blueprint, feel somehow wrong,  are tarnished or have been tampered with, you shall instantly know it.  It is what you call a “gut feeling.”  Your solar plexus chakra is where your body takes in and processes information, thus alerting you to any and all inconsistencies and incompatibilities.  Pay close attention to what you feel there, for that is this chakra’s job.

~ Now, moving on to the pleasurable art of dreaming.  My dear, dear friends, do not neglect to relax and dream, I do beseech you.  Close your eyes, lie back and fall into a vibration of tranquility and peacefulness.  It is entirely up to you what reality you inevitably create.  Amidst the current flurry of events, a great number of you have foregone your daily meditations and clearing.  Remember that this, and only this, is your primary  part to play in the unfolding.  Whilst we remove what is old and decayed, you-the Human Race-are the ones creating what shall eventually take it’s place.   Granted, these are most exciting times, we do agree, and you are not wrong to be elated that duality is indeed coming to an end.  Yet you have become caught up in the frenzy ofwhen this shall occur. When shall our families disclose?  When, when, when…  We see that some of you are terribly consumed with worry  over what shall happen next.  You fear the actions of the Cabal.  You fear that justice shall not be properly served against the perpetrators.  Do you not see that all of this concern, however  well-meaning, is but a distraction keeping you from doing the job you were sent here to do?  Leave disclosure to your Galactic Brethren.  We shall not fail you, truly.  The where, when and how of disclosure is ours to implement, and any “delays” are for good reason.  This is the part we play in Gaia’s ascension, and it is not for you to fret and become angered about.  The issues surrounding any type of reveal are of the utmost seriousness, and the details are not to be trifled with.  Please accept this truth and move on to detach yourselves from worrying about it.  Remind yourselves that this is a Holy Event, and it is imperative that you remove all ego-based, 3rd dimensional thinking from the equation.  Bring God back into the mix, and then surrender all control, all potential outcomes to his Almighty benevolence.  Remember, Brethren, you cannot micromanage The Divine!

~ In summary, I ask you to please work on the raising of planetary consciousness.  Cultivate the garden within which grows your newly evolving and transforming Self.  Heal the the planet, tend the grid and strive to awaken others to the truth of these wondrous times.   Dream into being your ideal world, your perfect life, and focus your energy  on the creation and manifestation of the New Earth.  Detach from that which does not serve you and dream into being that which does.  You cannot be killed.  You do not die.  God created you an infinite Being of Light.  Do not lose sight of these facts, as to do so is to buy into the illusion.  Nothing has the power to eradicate that which is immortal.




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